Equipping Athletes

In accordance with nurturing personal growth, the central goal of the LHS athletic program is to foster personal Christian characteristics and qualities of respect for self and others, honesty, integrity, commitment, reliability, common sense and perseverance.  These values reinforced through the athletic experience at LHS will equip student-athletes for lives of Christian service.


Winning is an ATTITUDE!

Working to win is an attitude that must be present in all aspects of our athletes’ lives:  as Christians who glorify God with all of their actions, as athletes who strive to play their best, as students who are successful in the classroom, and as teammates who place the team above themselves.

Spiritual:  Cougar athletes know that every Christian will win the race God sets before us because of the death and resurrection of Jesus!  He is the founder and perfecter of our faith and ran the ultimate race for our salvation (Hebrews 12:2). Cougar athletes demonstrate perseverance and focus on the ultimate win: to one day be with God in Heaven (Revelation 2:10).  His example is our greatest source of motivation! (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

Mental:  Cougar athletes know that the purpose of an LHS education is to enhance their realm of knowledge and prepare them for lives of Christian service.  Instruction within the classroom is a vital tool, and Cougar athletes know that academics come first and that they should treat their classes and their teachers with the utmost respect. LHS proudly looks to their student-athletes as role models and expect their behavior, both on and off the field/court of play, to bring honor and glory to God.  Cougar athletes will be positive ambassadors of their school, their teams, and their families.

Physical:  Cougar athletes understand that winning is an attitude resulting from optimum preparation, concentrated effort and a deep commitment to excel.  Winning is defined as giving your absolute best effort and being proud of the results.  LHS teams will compete and show poise from the beginning of each contest through the end. This fosters the lifelong values of the importance of commitment to common goals, competitiveness, character building and appreciation of winning and losing as an educational experience.

Emotional:  Cougar athletes have extraordinary opportunities to develop self-respect and self-discipline, which will result in future success as adults. Furthermore, LHS athletes recognize that for the team to win, the team’s success must be more important than individual accolades.  As student-athletes learn to put others first and value the success of the team more than personal accomplishments, they realize that opportunities for individuals to be rewarded and the potential for success will increase.

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