Equipping Athletes

In accordance with nurturing personal growth, the central goal of the LHS athletic program is to foster personal Christian characteristics and qualities of respect for self and others, honesty, integrity, commitment, reliability, common sense and perseverance.  These values reinforced through the athletic experience at LHS will equip student-athletes for lives of Christian service.

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Winning is an ATTITUDE!

Working to win is an attitude that must be present in all aspects of our athletes’ lives:  as Christians who glorify God with all of their actions, as athletes who strive to play their best, as students who are successful in the classroom, and as teammates who place the team above themselves.

Spiritual:  Cougar athletes know that every Christian will win the race God sets before us because of the death and resurrection of Jesus!  He is the founder and perfecter of our faith and ran the ultimate race for our salvation (Hebrews 12:2). Cougar athletes demonstrate perseverance and focus on the ultimate win: to one day be with God in Heaven (Revelation 2:10).  His example is our greatest source of motivation! (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

Mental:  Cougar athletes know that the purpose of an LHS education is to enhance their realm of knowledge and prepare them for lives of Christian service.  Instruction within the classroom is a vital tool, and Cougar athletes know that academics come first and that they should treat their classes and their teachers with the utmost respect. LHS proudly looks to their student-athletes as role models and expect their behavior, both on and off the field/court of play, to bring honor and glory to God.  Cougar athletes will be positive ambassadors of their school, their teams, and their families.

Physical:  Cougar athletes understand that winning is an attitude resulting from optimum preparation, concentrated effort and a deep commitment to excel.  Winning is defined as giving your absolute best effort and being proud of the results.  LHS teams will compete and show poise from the beginning of each contest through the end. This fosters the lifelong values of the importance of commitment to common goals, competitiveness, character building and appreciation of winning and losing as an educational experience.

Emotional:  Cougar athletes have extraordinary opportunities to develop self-respect and self-discipline, which will result in future success as adults. Furthermore, LHS athletes recognize that for the team to win, the team’s success must be more important than individual accolades.  As student-athletes learn to put others first and value the success of the team more than personal accomplishments, they realize that opportunities for individuals to be rewarded and the potential for success will increase.

Parents should be supportive of their child’s sports endeavor by:

  • Attending as many games as possible
  • Volunteering to help the coach and team
  • Being positive during the emotionally down times that athletes may face
  • Remembering that while high school sports are important, they are mainly a chance for students to have fun and learn lifelong lessons along the way

Fall tryouts begin in August, winter tryouts begin in November, and spring tryouts begin in March. Tryouts for the Spirit Squad will take place in the spring prior to the beginning of the school year.

Practice schedules will be communicated by coaches.

Game schedules are available on Arbiter Live. (Click for more info on how to use Arbiter). Visit a team page for a link to that team’s current game schedule. Information regarding cancellations or last minute changes will be made using social media and email. When in doubt, please call the Activities Office.

Lutheran High School strongly believes in the benefits of participating in multiple sports, and therefore will actively encourage our students to do so. Different sports challenge athletes in different ways, and the skills developed through training methods used in one sport usually help the athlete in other sports as well. We will strive to educate parents and athletes about the benefits of multiple sports, particularly at the beginning of their high school experience. We also try to ensure that any off-season activities do not become an obstacle to multiple-sport participation.

Students are permitted to participate in two different LHS-sponsored sports during the same season. Prior to participating in two sports during the same season, coaches and administration will meet with students and parents to clearly define expectations and goals. Per MSHSAA guidelines, students are NOT permitted to participate in the same sport both at school and outside of school during the same season. For instance, a student cannot play soccer for the LHS men’s team in the fall while participating/playing on a club soccer team at the same time.

Incoming 9th graders should initially sign up for fall sports at the spring student orientation sessions. The LHS Activities Office and coaching staff will begin to contact these potential athletes during the summer about tryout dates or practice dates. Potential athletes may also call the Activities Office during the summer; information will then be passed on to the coaches. During the school year, the Activities Office and the coaching staff will make announcements prior to the start of the winter and spring seasons about preseason meetings and signup dates.

LHS encourages students, especially as freshmen, to try out for and participate in multiple sports.  The Lutheran High School Activities Department is sensitive to the needs of all student-athletes during our tryout periods for fall, winter, and spring sports. It is our (coaches and administration) desire at LHS to see as many student-athletes as possible involved in the athletic programs throughout the school year. Unfortunately, due to limitations in team size for certain sports, cuts may have to be made. 

We limit the size of most teams because there just aren’t enough resources, equipment, playing time and coaches available to keep everyone on the squad who tries out.  While these situations are limited, as our school grows, this becomes necessary. 

As much as we’d like to base our entire program in just meeting activity department goals (having fun, learning how to compete, and learning the sport), the reality of an athletic department is that all of our stakeholders – athletes, coaches, parents, public, school personnel – expects us to be able to compete with the intent to win games.  

It is expectation of our athletic program that athletes will communicate directly with coaches if there are concerns or questions about athletes’ roles on the team. Our coaches and staff recognize that as students grow older and more independent, they must learn to depend less on parent involvement when issues arise. For young athletes to develop into responsible individuals, it is critical that they are given the opportunity to solve their own problems during practices and games. It is also important for both students and parents to understand that there simply may be times when athletes, coaches and parents do not agree. At these times, following the athlete’s conversation with a coach, parents are encouraged to have direct discussions with the coach. It is vital that athletes and coaches have open lines of communication.

Teams will practice Monday-Friday and sometimes Saturdays, depending on the sport, team and level. Be prepared for practices to last 2- 2 1/2 hours per day.  Except for unusual situations, practices will never be held on Sunday.  Every athlete is expected to attend practices and/or games during vacations, on Saturdays, and even before the school year begins or after it ends. Check with your coach for specific schedules and before planning vacations during the season and summer.

The LHS Performance program is designed to develop championship caliber, multi-sport athletes with an emphasis on year-round training. It is the expectation from our entire coaching staff that all athletes, regardless of the sport(s) in which they participate, are involved in our Performance program in-season, off-season, and over the summer months.

All in-season expenses will be part of the activity fee. This includes transportation, sport-specific perishables, incidentals, senior/parent/community nights, team gifts, tournament costs, hospitality, coaching stipends, booster club membership, etc. Voluntary withdrawal (quitting), lack of playing time, disciplinary suspension or contests cancelled due to inclement weather will not be the basis for the refunding of fees. Athletes with season-ending injuries should contact the Activities Office.  For more information and current fees, click here.

Depending on the sport, the size of the team, and distance, students are transported to away games on buses or in carpools. All students must travel TO contests and events in a school-sponsored vehicle (Express Transportation System, coaching staff, etc.) or with a designated chaperone. Students may return HOME from an away contest with parents/guardians providing prior approval has been obtained from the coaching staff.

If parents/guardians provide transportation home from an athletic/activity event, allow their son/daughter to provide transportation to or from practices, or, in extreme circumstances, allow their son/daughter to transport himself/herself to or from a scheduled event, the following policies are in effect:

  • When parents/guardians provide transportation for their son/daughter home from a scheduled event, the parents/guardians shall assume all resulting liability, and the school shall assume no liability.
  • When a student transports himself/herself to or from a practice, the parents/guardians of that student shall assume all resulting liability, and the school shall assume no liability.
  • When a student transports himself/herself to or from a scheduled event (allowed only in extreme circumstances), the parents/guardians of that student shall assume all resulting liability, and the school shall assume no liability.

Yes. In order to travel to other schools, athletes will sometimes miss classes. Most teams will have 2 games a week during the season, home and/or away, and release time from school will depend on the game’s location.

Coaches of each sport and activity leaders use Twitter to disseminate results of contests/games, changes in the practice schedule, game cancellations, highlights of games, all-conference and all-district results, etc. Coaches/leaders are responsible for sharing this information with our LHS fan base and community on a consistent basis in a timely fashion. A Twitter feed is available on each team’s page.  Major news items will then be re-tweeted to our @LuHiActivities account and shared on the Lutheran High Cougar Activities Facebook page.

All LHS athletes are outfitted in Nike uniforms. Nike is also the sole provider for any school-sponsored spirit wear. Families receive a substantial discount when ordering footwear, spirit wear, team gear, etc. Orders for team gear/spirit wear are placed before each season: fall sports items are ordered in late June, winter sports items are ordered in September, and spring sports items are ordered in January. Please pay close attention to ordering deadlines; no late orders are accepted!

A lot! LHS seniors have been influential in maintaining the Cougar tradition of excellence. Senior night is an evening dedicated to honoring seniors and celebrating their achievements. Each program will honor seniors and their parents near the conclusion of their respective seasons.

  • 3 weeks prior to Event – The Activities Office sends an email to all parents detailing the process and the schedule for that evening.
  • 2 weeks prior to Event – Pictures taken by Ehlmann Photography and money for photo collages are due to the Activities Office.
  • 1 week prior to Event – Ehlmann Photography delivers the photo collages. Team members come to Activities Office to sign team photo. Senior biography sheets are due to the Activities Office. Flowers are ordered. Reminder email regarding event is resent to parents which includes arrival times and event logistics..
  • Night of Event – Coaches and LHS personnel will greet parents when they arrive at game. At halftime (or other predetermined time), parents are given tokens of appreciation and introduced with their athletes in alphabetical order.

Yes. LHS teams are allowed and encouraged to attend out of town tournaments. We believe this prepares our student athletes for postseason play. Out of town tournaments are funded by families and the individual programs themselves. For MSHSAA districts, sectionals, and championship events, LHS pays a majority of the travel, lodging, and food expenses for the athletes; individual families pay the difference. All fees for MSHSAA events are prorated following the completion of the tournament.

No, only the MSHSAA form will be accepted. There are absolutely no exceptions.

Coaches have their own team policies regarding absences, so athletes should be in contact with their coaches. Please do not call the Activities Office.

Uniforms and equipment are issued to athletes for a season. Once the season has ended, it is the responsibility of students to return uniforms to their coach. Unreturned uniforms and equipment will result in a fine and may prevent access to report cards. The Activities Department will determine the replacement cost of lost uniforms and equipment. Once uniforms and equipment are returned or paid for, the amount owed will be removed. The coaches will tell athletes when and where they will be collecting the uniforms. If you are not able to return uniforms on the designated day, please make other arrangements with the coach. Uniforms should NOT be returned to the Activities Office.

Yes, at the beginning of each season, each head coach will hold a mandatory parent meeting that all parents should attend. The teams’ coaches will answer questions and  provide specific information related to their sport, information about the Activities Program, expectations for students and parents, team policies, and practice schedules.

Commitment to the team is a key factor for students signing up to be a member of an athletic team, and the expectation is that team members will fully participate throughout the season.