What We Do

The administration, faculty, and staff of Lutheran High School are dedicated to providing Christ-centered service to young people and their families.

Faculty & Staff

Lutheran High School believes that each individual student is a unique child of God.  In order to best meet the unique needs of students, LHS highly values one-to-one relationships between faculty, staff and students.  It is often said, “a student doesn’t care how much you know, unless they know how much you care.”   Education happens most effectively when relationships are developed between teacher and student.  The unique 4×4 block schedule at LHS allows teachers to create and maintain those relationships since teachers work with only 60-70 students each semester for 80 minutes each day.  LHS teachers are passionate about helping their students reach their full potential.

Mr. Jon Bernhardt, M.Ed.


jbernhardt@lhssc.org . Ext. 1002

Ms. Kacey Booth, MA, MAT


booth@lhssc.org . Ext. 1608

Ms. Jennifer Brauer, M.M.Ed., P.B.C.

Music, Mathematics

jbrauer@lhssc.org . Ext. 1600

Mrs. Elizabeth Cipriano, B.Ed.


cipriano@lhssc.org . Ext. 1601

Mr. Jim Clark, M.Ed.

Mathematics, Assistant Athletic Director

clark@lhssc.org . Ext. 1603

Rev. Dr. Martin Conkling, Ph.D.

German, Social Studies

conkling@lhssc.org . Ext. 1602

Mr. Mark Daniels

Athletic Trainer


Kelley Erhardt


erhardt@lhssc.org . Ext. 1005

Dr. Craig Ernstmeyer, Ph.D.

Head of School

ernstmeyer@lhssc.org . Ext. 1001

Mr. Michael Flandermeyer, MMus

Social Studies

mflandermeyer@lhssc.org . Ext. 1605

Mrs. Elizabeth Fruend, BA

Social Studies, Physical Education

fruend@lhssc.org . Ext. 1622

Mrs. Lisa Gnade, MA

Director of Enrollment

gnade@lhssc.org . Ext. 1006

Mr. Jacob Goslin, BA, BS

English, Physical Education

goslin@lhssc.org . Ext. 1624

Mr. Armand Haak, MST


ahaak@lhssc.org . Ext. 1610

Mr. Arlen Harris

Physical Education

harris@lhssc.org . Ext. 1611

Mrs. Lori Hayden, MS

LASE Staff

hayden@lhssc.org . Ext. 1614

Mr. Kevin Hearn

Head Custodian

khearn@lhssc.org . Ext. 1008

Mr. Stevan Hendricks, M.Ed.

English, Social Studies

shendricks@lhssc.org . Ext. 1604

Mr. Michael Holtmeier, MAR, MA


mholtmeier@lhssc.org . Ext. 1606

Mrs. Terri Hopson, MAT


hopson@lhssc.org . Ext. 1625

Mrs. Shelli Junkel

Administrative Assistant, Student Services

junkel@lhssc.org . Ext. 1011

Mrs. Geri Kidd, M.Ed.

Freshman Counselor, LASE Staff

kidd@lhssc.org . Ext. 1016

Mrs. Amy Klein, MBE

Business Education, Communications Coordinator

klein@lhssc.org . Ext. 1629

Mrs. Sue Klobnak, MA, M.Ed.

LASE Staff

sklobnak@lhssc.org . Ext. 1615

Mrs. Sue Krauss, MA, M.Ed.

Mathematics, Registrar

skrauss@lhssc.org . Ext. 1010

Mrs. Carla Krazl, BFA


krazl@lhssc.org . Ext. 1619

Mr. Dan Kreienkamp, MA

Religion, Spiritual Life Coordinator

kreienkamp@lhssc.org . Ext. 1607

Dr. Doug Kuhlmann, Ed.D., CMAA

Director of Activities and Development

dkuhlmann@lhssc.org . Ext. 1014

Mrs. Rachel Lail, BS


lail@lhssc.org . Ext. 1623

Mr. Mark Larimore

Facilities Coordinator

Mrs. Jana Leppien

Assistant to the Director of Activities

athletic@lhssc.org . Ext. 1015

Mrs. Anna Lind, BS

LASE Staff

lind@lhssc.org . Ext. 1616

Mr. Bruce Linn, M.Ed.


linn@lhssc.org . Ext. 1627

Mr. Dan Litz

Afternoon/Evening Custodian

Mrs. Amber Maddick, BS


maddick@lhssc.org . Ext. 1618

Mr. Eric Norwine, BA

Social Studies, Business Education

norwine@lhssc.org . Ext. 1630

Mr. Ben Parviz, MA


parviz@lhssc.org . Ext. 1621

Mrs. Allison Patton, BS


patton@lhssc.org . Ext. 1620

Mrs. Marie Philipp-Branneky, BA


philipp-branneky@lhssc.org . Ext. 1617

Mr. Greg Scott

Afternoon/Evening Custodian

Mrs. Claudia Staude, M.Ed.


cstaude@lhssc.org . Ext. 1609

Mr. Ed Staude, MA, M.Ed.

Social Studies

estaude@lhssc.org . Ext. 1613

Mr. David Steinbacher, MS.Ed.


dsteinbacher@lhssc.org . Ext. 1626

Dr. Bernard Tonjes, Ph.D.

Interim Director of Student Services

tonjes@lhssc.org . Ext. 1013

Mrs. Ernestine Wilson

Administrative Assistant, School Office

ewilson@lhssc.org . Ext. 1003

Mrs. Sarah Winter, BS


kortze@lhssc.org . Ext. 1628

Mrs. Joy Wisa, BA


jwisa@lhssc.org . Ext. 1203

Mr. David Zilz, MS, MBA


zilz@lhssc.org . Ext. 1612