Nearly 90% of LHS students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity.


At Lutheran High School, activities are an integral part of student life because they allow students to build their leadership skills, extend their learning beyond the classroom, and develop their God-given talents and abilities to reach their full potential.  LHS offers a wide variety of clubs to enable students to pursue their interests, be of service to others, and have fun with friends.  At the beginning of each school year, a Club Fair is held to give students the opportunity to learn more about each club and consider which clubs to join.  At any time during the year, students may contact a club's sponsor to inquire about club activities. Membership in school-sponsored clubs is recorded on the student’s permanent record and may be a positive factor in future evaluations of the student’s academic program.

Find a club to fit your interests!

All are welcome to join in one of the newer clubs on the LHS campus! Learn beginning skills of archery and archery safety.

Sponsor: Mrs. Abby Sides


The purpose of Art Club is to promote the arts and creativity and to provide the opportunity to study and create art.  Students have the opportunity to further develop their artistic skills through independent and collaborative work.  The group typically meets twice a month after school.

Sponsor: Mrs. Amber Maddick

A student-led club that meets to share, discuss and critique each other’s creative writing and to learn from one another in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Sponsor: Mrs. Abby Sides


Sponsor: Mr. Melvin Bethany


Sponsor: Mr. Joe Higgins

Coming March 2024

Students and athletes gather in Huddles for Fellowship (providing positive interactions), Growth (through Bible Study and discussions), Outreach (sharing Christian faith with others) and Service (serving others through community projects and church involvement).  Students do not need to attend every meeting to be a part of this fellowship.  

Sponsor: Mrs. Jenoa Olson and Hannah Brockman

Twitter: @luhighfca


Sponsor: Mr. Dave Steinbacher

A group open to all students interested in service activities with a focus on leadership and community service specifically directed towards children. Key Club meets bi-weekly.  Membership dues required.  

Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Atchity

Students with a potential interest in professional church work.

Sponsor:  Mr. Dan Kreienkamp

Sophomores, juniors and seniors who demonstrate academic, service, character and leadership skills. Membership is by invitation only, with an induction ceremony in late fall.  Service hours are required throughout the school year.  

Sponsor: Mr. Taylor Christian

LHS Pep Club is a club open to all students who want to help build school spirit. This is a club for students who want to cheer on their classmates and support all sports teams on campus.  Pep Club members enjoy BBQ’s (or chili dinners in the winter months) before select games and events.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Allison Tripp
Twitter:  @LuHighcouga

The prayer and care group at LHS exists to ensure that through all of life’s events, all of the students and faculty are reminded of Jesus’ deep love for them and that they are a valued member of the cougar family. We take time to pray over students and faculty as well as provide tangible means of care (homemade items, gratitude grams, cards, post-its, etc) for those with various life hurdles at LHS. The group meets monthly at flex time. 

Sponsor: Mrs. Kendra Rueckert

This activity is for students interested in science, technology, engineering, design, and business. In addition to science and technology, skills in teamwork, communication, and marketing are all nurtured through the activities of this group. During the “build season,” when the team prepares for competition, they will work six days a week for four to five hours a day outside of school.

Sponsors: Mr. Kevin Sheck
Twitter: @4329Roboteers

Winners of multiple AAA Conference Championships, the Scholar Bowl team competes against other schools by answering pyramidal questions in differing categories, including science, mathematics, social studies, communication arts, sports, entertainment, and current events.  Students meets on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 pm, August through March.

Sponsor: Mrs. Sarah Winter
Twitter:  @cougarbrainteam

This club is open to all students who are currently enrolled in or who have completed courses in Spanish.  The group meets once a month for an activity that allows members to practice their conversational Spanish.

Sponsor: Mrs. Kelly Dale

New this year, the Speech & Debate Club promotes student confidence in the art of Public Speaking and introduces skills, tactics, and strategies of formal Debate.

Sponsor: To be Determined

Lutheran High’s Student Ambassador program is an opportunity for students to assist with various welcoming activities at LHS.  Student Ambassadors are offered opportunities to enhance their leadership skills while participating in New Student Orientation, Future Freshman Day, Open House, the LHS shadowing program, and more!

Sponsor: Mr. Micah Braddy

Teens for Life is a pro-life club that exists to help students recognize that God creates people in His image, giving all human lives intrinsic dignity and value. Club members oppose abortion, suicide and other means of taking life while sharing the Gospel message of forgiveness and hope through Jesus. The club equips and mobilizes students through monthly meetings, social/outreach events, conferences, prayer vigils, speakers, and the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  The club meets twice a month during Prime Time.

Sponsor: Mrs. Amy Scott and Mr. Bob Polkinghorne





International honorary organization for students who excel in various aspects of theater. Activities include group gatherings, attending the Missouri State Thespian Conference, and seeing local theatrical productions.

Sponsor:  Mr. Brian Scheller
Twitter: @LHSSCTheatre