At Lutheran High School, activities are an integral part of student life because they allow students to build their leadership skills, extend their learning beyond the classroom, and develop their God-given talents and abilities to reach their full potential.  LHS offers a wide variety of clubs to enable students to pursue their interests, be of service to others, and have fun with friends.  At the beginning of each school year, a Club Fair is held to give students the opportunity to learn more about each club and consider which clubs to join.  At any time during the year, students may contact a club’s sponsor to inquire about club activities. Membership in school-sponsored clubs is recorded on the student’s permanent record and may be a positive factor in future evaluations of the student’s academic program.

Archery Club

Art Club

Book Club

Creative Writing Club

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

German Club

Key Club

Kingdom Workers

National Honor Society


Pep Club


Scholar Bowl

Table Talk

Teens for Life