Parent Involvement

Lutheran High School values the partnerships that faculty and staff have with parents to accomplish the mission of nurturing students’ spiritual, academic, and personal growth.  Research indicates that parent involvement in education is linked to higher rates of school attendance, graduation, and pursuit of higher education.  Parent involvement comes in different forms, such as providing appropriate help to students with schoolwork; attending school events, which helps foster a connection between home and school; and volunteering and participating at school.  LHS encourages parents to be a part of their students’ high school experience in these ways:

  • Attend each semester’s Back to School night to meet teachers and other parents
  • Meet with teachers at Parent Conferences, which are held once semester
  • Check PowerSchool to monitor students’ academic progress
  • Attend activities and events, such as athletic contests, theatre productions, and concerts
  • Get involved with the Booster Club
  • Join a committee to help with planning for our largest single fundraising event, the Sapphire Dinner Auction 
  • Participate in the LHS Golf Outing or sponsor a table for Trivia Night

You Can Help!

LHS encourages parents to get involved in a variety of ways.  If you would like to volunteer in any of the areas below, please complete the form.  Someone from LHS will contact you when your help is needed.  Thank you!

The LHS Booster Club is also a great way to meet other parents, alumni and friends of LHS and support LHS activities.  Visit the Booster Club page for more information!