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Junior Cougars

What Is the Lutheran Junior Cougar Program?

Our feeder program is designed for boys and girls in elementary school in the St. Charles/St. Louis metro area. The program is designed to teach the fundamentals of various sports and team concepts that will prepare students for high school athletics. We compete at the "Club" level which means we play against other feeder programs and local club teams. Our teams focus on forming lasting friendships, positive character development, and learning the game.


The establishment of a solid feeder program is vital to the success of any high school program or individual player.  Feeder programs provide players with an opportunity to learn basic concepts, fundamentals, and skills, while also developing a passion and love for the game.  Without a solid foundation established from the early elementary years on, the players will never be able to reach their full potential at the high school level.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lutheran Junior Cougar programs mirrors the goals and objectives of Lutheran High School:  Winning is An Attitude!  In addition to developing our students spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically, we aim to provide a Christ centered alternative to club sports. Unfortunately, in many ways, youth sports have become a reflection of our broken world. With many outstanding exceptions, it can be a breeding ground for over competitive parents and coaches who embrace the negative focus on winning at all costs. We strive to “get it right” by competing for Christ and by serving one another. Our program is as inclusive as possible and we are all about playing the game at a very high level. Our goals are to prepare young people to compete at the high school level AND to face the challenges of being a young adult in a competitive world.

The Lutheran High School Junior Cougar program is based on three clear objectives:

1.  Have fun

The primary emphasis, especially at the younger ages, should be on getting kids excited about sport.  A successful feeder program should instill passion in its participants and have a high player return rate the following year.  The experience in sport must be positive for all involved, from player to coach to parent.  

2.  Character Development

It is never too early to instill core principles into our student-athletes.  Concepts regarding accountability, teamwork, poise and positive mental attitude provide the basis for our feeder programs.  A great emphasis is placed on the spiritual development of our young people.

3.  Player Development

A successful feeder program is not solely about winning and losing.  While everyone likes to win, and competition is an important aspect of a feeder program, we do not go after wins at the expense of player development. There is nothing more important in a feeder program than player development and the elimination of incorrect, bad habits.