LJC Soccer

Director – Mike Wilhite


Registration link is now live. Deadline for registration is August 18, 2023

Lutheran High Junior Cougar Soccer League

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for players, coaches, and families to glorify God by playing soccer and promoting Christian values in a healthy, competitive environment. In furthering this mission we promote better development for future soccer players and provide a level of competitive growth for them on the pitch.

We are thrilled to announce we will continue our partnership with Saint Charles FC to benefit our Junior Cougar players and coaches. The mission of Saint Charles FC is to enhance the soccer experience of players and coaches. We provide our players the opportunity to develop as athletes and as people by fostering an identity of excellence.

Through our partnership, Junior Cougar soccer players and coaches will benefit from the assistance of the STC coaching staff . STC coaches will be on hand for multiple games to help our coaches to help develop both our coaches and players.

League Goals
-Keep God first in player growth and development
-Cultivate self-confidence by developing new skills and continuously improve upon learned ones. 
-Promote good sportsmanship. 

-1st/2nd grade
-3rd/4th grade

Teams - new this season
-Players will be placed on teams determined by school and age level. Note: If there aren't enough players from a specific school to form a whole team, they will be kept together and combined with another school. 
-No friend requests accepted. 
-Rosters will be released on August 26. 

-Games will be played at Lutheran High School. 
-Games will be played on Saturday mornings and early afternoons.
-Games will begin September 9 and end on October 28.  Rain date is November 4. 

-Team practices will be determined by the coach. Practices begin the week of September 4th - 8th. 

Team Uniforms
-Team uniforms will be purchased through the Lutheran Jr. Cougar program. Shorts and socks will be purchased on an individual basis by families.

STC Training
-In addition to the curriculum, STC has offered our Junior Cougar Soccer players to take part in one STC Club specific training session a week, for 6 weeks at a discounted price. For an additional $25 to your registration fee, players can attend a technical training with other STC Club soccer players and the STC coaching staff (A $70 value).
-Training is on Friday nights from 6:00 - 7:00pm, beginning September 15, 2023. 

Player Fees
-The cost of league play is $75 per player. This option includes one practice a week with the player’s team and coach, one game a week, and a jersey.
-STC Training will be an additional $25 per player. 

*Fees will also cover all associated costs for the season including contests, equipment, rental space, etc. If a team desires to do a post-season celebration, this will not be included in the fee.

If you have any questions or for more information, contact Mike Wilhite at mwilhite7@gmail.com