The 2021 cheerleader finals tryout will be held on April 1st at 4 pm in the high school commons.  Virtual tryouts are March 30th and  31st.  See below for more info.

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The Cheer Squad exists to promote and spread school pride.  At various events, both on and off campus, the Cheer Squad will encourage and boost the pride and the traditions of LHS through the unification of the students, staff, alumni, and fans.  Above all, the Cheer Squad will provide encouraging, enthusiastic team support and develop a culture of good sportsmanship and God-pleasing activities for LHS.

Coach Schulte has an extensive cheer background and brings a wealth of knowledge to the cheer program.  She has coached 5th-8th grade cheer at Messiah Lutheran school for 4 years and was the Sapphire assistant coach for the 2019-2020 season. She has been active in the cheer community and is beyond excited to build a program at LHS…

Coach Schulte and her family are members of Messiah.  She has 3 children.  Her son is currently a senior at LHS. Her oldest daughter is a junior and varsity cheerleader at North County high school and her youngest is now a freshman at LHS. 

team highlights

Cheerleading tryouts

Cheerleaders will be given the materials to learn and will submit a video, both nights, by midnight.

Jumps and tumbling will be scored during in-person finals.

The cheerleaders will be selected on the basis of performance.  The performance ballot will include such things as tumbling, motions, spirit, jumps, dance techniques, timing, memory, voice and projection. 

Each participant will be required to perform the following during cheerleader tryouts:

  • Individual:    3 Jumps, Tumbling Pass, Performance Cheer
  • Group:  LHS Fight Song & Game Day Cheer
  • Tryout Attire:  Shorts:  all black
  • Shirt:  white t-shirt (no logos on shirt) 
  • Hair:  Pulled up (half up or ponytail)

The results will be posted on the LHS Varsity Cheer facebook page.