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The Reach Capital Campaign has pledges and gifts of $3.01 million – 75% of our $4 million Tier 2 Challenge goal!  Making your gift is easy! Simply click the “give now” button.

Through God’s grace, and with your support of the Reach Up, Reach In, Reach Out Capital Campaign, we can fulfill our mission to help our students “Grow in Grace” in all areas of their lives: spiritual, educational and physical.

For more information, contact Dr. Doug Kuhlmann, Director of Activities and Development.

Reach Campaign

This is an exciting time for Lutheran High School as we move forward to address our “growing” problem! Enrollment has increased by 20% in the last few years, and we started the 2018-2019 with our largest student population ever. Additional space and renovations to our current campus are necessary to accommodate a growing student population so that more students can join the Cougar family and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day!

  • Tier 1 Celebration Goal – $2.5 million
    Reaching this milestone allows us to construct a new 27,970 sq. ft. building that will include an additional science lab, Music and STEM classrooms; a larger gym; lobby, locker rooms, bathrooms 
and a concession stand. Additionally, we will renovate the current music and art classrooms, older labs, library, office and refurbish the current commons.
  • Tier 2 Challenge Goal – $4 million
    Reaching the Challenge Goal allows us to complete all projects in the Celebration Goal, and refurbish four classrooms and the hallways, enhance technology, expand and centralize the Student Services office, plus add a multi-use conference room, renovate the current gym to a commons area, and repave the parking lot.
  • Tier 3 Victory Goal – $6 million
    Reaching the Victory Goal of $6 million positions LHS to complete all the projects in the first two tiers, plus refurbish the four remaining classrooms and add a full-service kitchen.

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Campaign Overview

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  • Special Ways to Give


    MAKE A FAMILY LEGACY GIFT: Pool your gift to name a classroom, office, media center, gymnasium and more. Imagine the sense of belonging and ownership that having your family name on the school will give your children and grandchildren!


    DOUBLE YOUR GIFT WITH A COMPANY MATCH: Make your gift first and check with your employer about matching it through the company’s charitable donations program.

    “As parents of a former Cougar, a current Cougar, and two future Cougars, we are thrilled to see the campus improvements that are being made possible through the Reach campaign.  I’m a former biochemist and Nigel is an engineer, so we are particularly excited to see the STEM-related classrooms and labs.  So much so, that the chemistry lab will bear the name of our company, Scinomix. It’s super cool to give our kids hands-on access to go along with great teaching!”
    – Amy & Nigel Malterer (Sarah ’17,  Anna ’20,  Sam ’24, Johnny ’27)