Thank you for attending Trivia Night 2024!

The LHS Commons served as our venue once again for 2024 Trivia Night…full of 30+ tables alive with laughter, shouts of joy at the correct answer, shouts of jubilant surprise at answers, as well as groans and exasperation at the incorrect answer or “Guess Gone Wrong.” It was a fun night for all involved! Led by our Booster Club and with attendance of ~325 guests/volunteers the event was a lot of fun for our participants as each table answered 10 rounds of questions focusing entirely on pop culture.

Once again, the highlight of the evening was the generosity and support of the LHS community in donating to the Fund-the-Future appeal which will help LHS fund its new large scale printer.

Thank you for making the 12th Annual LHS Trivia Night the best yet — the attendance, involvement, participation, and enthusiasm made it a truly special night.

We look forward to next year making it better than ever!