The Cougar Honors Academy began in 2016.  Nine students from the Class of 2019 were selected to be a part of the Academy after a rigorous application process and interview.

Cougar Honors Academy

The Cougar Honors Academy is designed to enrich college preparation, further develop leadership skills and foster a servant’s heart in the most gifted students.  At the end of the freshman year, students whose GPA is 3.25 or higher are invited to select a specialty and apply to the Cougar Honors Academy.  Upon acceptance to the Academy, students will be paired with faculty advisors who will mentor them through the program, provide networking opportunities with experts in the field, and expose students to post-secondary education opportunities.   Academy students will also have opportunities to attend seminars and field trips related to their specialties.  Students in the Academy will work with their mentors to complete and internship or research experience and a Senior Capstone Project.

Upon graduating from Lutheran High School, Cougar Honors Academy students will receive a Graduation with Distinction and special Academy Endorsement on their diplomas and transcripts.  The endorsement signifies that the student has completed a rigorous program of study and completed additional activities in their specialty.

The Cougar Honors Academy is a rigorous academic program designed to enrich college preparation, cultivate leadership, and foster a deeper appreciation of service to others.  Students in the Cougar Honors Academy reflect the highest Christian ideals and develop a servant’s heart to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Cougar Honors Academy specialties include