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Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County

Wish List

Lutheran High School Wish List

The staff and administration of Lutheran High School have identified the following
“Special Gifts” as items which would enhance the total educational program at LHS.
This list could be used by an individual donor or a family wanting to give a memorial.
We have included the estimated cost of the item and ask that any gift be purchased in full
rather than simply donating toward the item.

“Special Gifts” (less than $100)

Eight foot multi-purpose table – $100 each

“Special Gifts” (less than $250)

Art work table – $250 each
Crowd control stanchions – $200
Apple TV for classroom video projection – $150

“Special Gifts” (less than $500)

Ohaus analytic scale for science – $400

“Special Gifts” (less than $1,000)

Portable Porcelain White Board – $600
Portable Projection Screen – $800
Frames for Team Pictures for Athletic Hall of Fame – $800
Girls Basketball Awards – $1,000

“Special Gifts” (over $1,000)

Squat/Bench Platforms for Performance Training – $3,500
A new set of classroom desks – $2,300
Lobby Furnishings – $2,000
HDMI Projector for Chapel – $1,200
Improvements to Baseball Field – $7,350