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Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County

LHS Scholarship Endowment

give_now_button120711-03The LHS Scholarship Endowment, established in 1999, has presently grown to over $235,000. Each year 80% of the interest and dividends from the endowment is used to provide tuition assistance to needy families and the other 20% is reinvested to continue growing the endowment.  The earnings of just over $9987.97 this past year provided financial help different families at LHS allowing those students the opportunity of a Lutheran High School nurturing. The principal of the endowment remains and continues to grow, helping to ensure that quality Christian secondary education is accessible for future families. Donations and bequests to the endowment are accepted at any time.  For more information contact Dr. Craig Ernstmeyer at 636.928.5199 or