Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County


“Our daughter knew almost no one entering Lutheran High School, but found it to have an exceptionally warm and friendly ambiance where students are respected and, in turn, are respectful.”

– Mrs. Schneider, parent of two alumni and one current student


“Lutheran High’s dynamic coupling of education and faith-strengthening, fueled by the school’s excellent teachers and staff, provides a window of opportunity that seemingly fewer and fewer of today’s young adults have.”

– Current Lutheran High Senior


“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to hear about our Savior everyday in the classroom setting and during chapel services. Today I enjoy teaching Sunday School and serving wherever needed. I am very grateful to my parents for providing me with an education at Lutheran High and hope to give our children the same gift.”

                                                                           – Sarah (Schwab) Nissing, Class of 1992


“Everything from classes, to homework, to extracurricular activities that I was involved in has built a strong foundation for me to grow upon, both academically and spiritually. Lutheran High provided me with invaluable study and time management skills that have stuck with me long after graduation.”

                                                                                  – Jessica Stroder, Class of 2009