Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the school as a student?

Yes! We have a special Shadowing Program where a student can visit and go through a regular or half day
of school to experience the students, teachers, and classes. The guest student is paired with an
LHS student of similar age and interests. Those wishing to “shadow” for a day, may simply
call LHS at 636-928-5100 and ask for Mrs. Lisa Gnade, who will arrange the visit. You
may also contact Mrs. Gnade by email at

Do you have to be Lutheran to attend Lutheran High School?

No. Although many of our students come from our Lutheran elementary schools, we are here to
serve all students and families in the community desiring a Christian secondary education.
Lutheran High School serves students from more than 38 different congregations.

When does the school year begin and end?

We generally begin about the middle of August, conclude the 1st term before Christmas, and
have graduation by the end of May.

When does the school day begin and end?

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the school day begins at 8:05 AM. On Wednesdays school begins at 8:25 AM. School is dismissed at 2:45 PM every day. The school building is normally open for students from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We strongly suggest that all students make arrangements for arrival and departure from school within that time. If this cannot be arranged and students MUST arrive earlier or depart later than the stated
time, arrangements can be made with the school office. Students involved in activities after school should make arrangements to be picked up as soon as possible after their activity concludes.

How do students get to and from school?

Most students arrive in carpools (this is easier to arrange than most people imagine, and the LHS office can help in getting you in touch with other families), and students of driving age may register their car and drive to school. We currently do not provide bus transportation.

What do students do for lunch?

We do have an entree which students can purchase each day. Students may bring their own sack lunch any or all days. In addition, microwaves are available for heating items. Vending machines are available for snacks and drinks.

How many students are in a typical class?

The student/classroom teacher ratio is 20:1. Classes will normally have between 18 and 23 students in a room.

Is there an entrance exam?

We do administer an exam to all incoming freshman to help us with proper placement in classes. We do also look at the latest report card to make sure that we are able to meet the academic needs of each student. This exam is usually administered in our Lutheran elementary schools and also given here at Lutheran High in the early spring. All students must also complete a writing sample which will be evaluated by Lutheran High’s English Department. Families are urged to contact Student Services to make these arrangements.

Can LHS serve students with diagnosed disabilities?

Yes. Lutheran High has a Resource Specialist and Learning Specialist who work with students who
have diagnosed disabilities to develop an Individual Educational Plan to meet their specific
needs. The programs are designed to provide a supportive atmosphere while encouraging
students toward self-advocacy.

What do students wear?

Lutheran High has a standardized dress code. Both male and female students are given several
options of school “polo style” shirts, khaki or black “docker style” pants or shorts and also for
females, regulation plaid or khaki skirts. We believe standardized dress improves academic
focus and helps create an orderly educational environment for our students.

How can I get to know other students?

LHS has an Ambassador Program where 20 to 30 of our students take personal responsibility
for helping to welcome transfers and make them feel a part of our Lutheran High School
family. This has proved very helpful to students from the community who have joined us. We
also strongly encourage students to get involved in the large variety of activities and clubs
offered at LHS. Being a part of a co-curricular group can really help a student get to know
others. Last year 94% of the LHS students were involved in at least one co-curricular activity
(music, athletics, drama, clubs).

What is the tuition?

Tuition is  $9,295 per year. Due to the generosity and partnership with our Lutheran Association churches, students coming from one of these congregations receive a discounted tuition rate. In addition, there is a $300 registration fee that covers all books, computer use, etc. We have three payment plans including a one-time payment with a 2% discount, two semester payments, or a monthly payment plan which is done with electronic transfer of funds to avoid the need to write and send monthly checks.

Does Lutheran High School accept International Students?

Yes! Lutheran High is authorized by the US Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE) to issue F-1 student visas. Please contact the school office for  further details.

How can I stay informed of all LHS events and happenings?

Our website and social media outlets always have the most up-to-date and current information. Be sure to check us out on Facebook (Lutheran High St. Charles), Twitter (@LutheranCougars), and Instagram (LHSCougarLife).