Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County

Resource Program

Lutheran High School’s Resource Program strives to recognize the individual needs of all students to help them reach their full potential for lives of Christian service.  The goals of the Resource Program are to provide a supportive atmosphere, to encourage students towards self-advocacy, and to coordinate with students, parents, teachers, administration and outside professionals to facilitate students’ successful completion of high school.

Students accepted into the Resource Program must have a documented disability with appropriate paperwork on file at Lutheran High School. The LHS Resource Specialist will work with families to ensure that all paperwork remains in compliance with state and federal standards.  If a disability is suspected but has yet to be evaluated, the Resource Specialist will work with the student and family until the diagnostic and evaluation process is complete.  If an educational or medical diagnosis is warranted, the student may participate in the program. Students accepted into the program are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the support services offered.  We encourage students to include study hall in their schedules to enable the Resource Specialist to work with the students on a regular basis. When utilized, this support system can be of great assistance in helping students succeed in high school.