Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County

LASE Learning Center


The Learning Center is a program for students with disabilities in which services are contracted through Lutheran Association for Special Education of St. Louis (LASE).

Lutheran High School  hosts a program for students with disabilities in which services are contracted through LASE. The Learning Center offers the adolescent with a disability an opportunity for success at the secondary level while remaining in a Christian environment during these important years of development. Students receive academic instruction in the general education classroom as well as in a small group, individualized setting with the LASE Learning Specialist. When students are in general education classes, the curriculum is modified as needed to best meet each student’s individual needs. In other instances, the student completes general education classes with accommodations recommended by the LASE Learning Specialist.

Two Options

Students may choose one of two options to meet their specific learning needs. LASE offers a work-related skills program where general work guidelines and career skills are emphasized during a student’s junior and senior year. Some students may participate in a carefully planned work experience program both on and off site in an effort to make a smooth transition to work after high school. The other option for students is to complete academic classes with modifications and accommodations as needed for their entire high school experience.

Part-Time Enrollment

Students that need direct instruction in math or communication arts have the option to take 1-2 classes in the Learning Center, giving them small group or individualized instruction.

Application Process

Application to the program is made through LASE, and admission will be determined on an individual basis according to the school’s ability to offer services that benefit the student in an inclusive environment. To be eligible for the program students must successfully complete 8th grade and demonstrate behavior, attitude, and motivation appropriate for the high school setting.  Enrollment capacity is very limited and may vary from year to year due to the services required by the individuals in the program. Preference will be given to students who have at least one full year of successful inclusive experience in a Lutheran School. Students from other schools are also welcome, depending on the space availability in the program.


Because of the individualized nature of the program, there are additional costs associated with this program. All tuition arrangements are made between LASE and the parents. Interested parents are urged to contact Lutheran Association for Special Education at 314-268-1234, 3558 S. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63118.