Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Requirement Credits
Religion 4.0 Credits (a)
English 4.0 Credits (b)
Mathematics 3.0 Credits
Science 3.0 Credits
Social Studies 3.0 Credits (c)
Global Studies 3.0 Credits (d)
Fine Arts 1.0 Credit
Practical Arts 1.0 Credit (e)
Physical Education/Health 2.0 Credits (f)
Electives 4.0 Credits
Total 28.0 credits


a.  1 credit of Theology is required for each year of attendance at LHS

b.  American Literature is required

c.  U.S. History and American Government & Citizenship are required. Students must pass required examinations
in the Constitution of the State of Missouri and the United States. These tests are generally given during the
American Government & Citizenship class.

d.  Select ONE course from EACH row, plus ONE additional course from either row

  •  Spanish 1-4, German 1-4
  •  World Geography, World History, International Affairs, AP Comparative Government

e.  Personal Finance is required for graduation

f.  At least .5 credit must be in Health

g.  Transfer students will have their graduation requirements evaluated on an individual basis.