Lutheran High School
of St. Charles County

School Profile

Lutheran High is a Christian college-preparatory high school located in St. Peters, MO accredited by AdvancED & National Lutheran School Accreditation. We are an institution who serves 312 students from over 39 different congregations.

Lutheran High’s average ACT composite score was a 25.8 for the graduating class of 2014. Ninety-seven percent of LHS graduates continue on with a college education. Advanced Placement and dual credit courses are offered to students who wish to earn college credit during their high school years.

Eighty-three percent of Lutheran High’s faculty has a Masters Degree or higher in their field. The student to teacher ratio at LHS is 15:1 with academic classes averaging 18 to 23 students per classroom. A resource instructor is available for students with learning disabilities.

Through our Block Schedule (students take 4 classes per semester earning 8 credits per year) and our 1:1 Technology Initiative with the iPad for more engaged learning, Lutheran High students are better prepared for college now more than ever before.